Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still playing around with Sculpy clay. Here, I just made my version of a "pet rock"

The "bead" eyes gives this rock a rather...spooky appearance! lol

I would challenge you to find a rock in your yard, and see what you can do with it!

Most of my inspiration comes from nature and I always think of Fairies and hobbits. Where would they live? How would "view us"....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Art Wanted web store.

I'm actually going to try to sell some of my pieces. I had forgotten i had this site until I got an email from Artwanted.com. 
Boy, I had some OLD work on here!

If anyone is interested in purchasing some of my pieces, just let me know.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

 This was another "throw away"vase I found.

My Mother had these really cool porcelain figurines, so I cheated and made a mold from air dry clay of the face. I wanted to make a "flower girl", so I added some flower petals and jewels to her hair, and came up with a pretty neat clay project.

This was just me goofing around. Using paper clips as armatures did an "okay" job, but getting the heavy pieces to stick mid air from a rock was like pulling hens teeth!
This piece isn't done yet. I haven't decided if I going to add color yet or not. I will be adding some english moss to the bare rock. If I can work out the mechanics a wee bit better, I may be onto something!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

changed my blog.

I'm sure some of you (all 7 of my followers,lol) have noticed something is different.
I had to make a choice, but not a bad one.With the economy, my sales as a Stampin'Up demonstrator just were not there. I was struggling just to keep up my quarterly minimum. Stampin Up is a GREAT company, and I will miss the perks and the fellowship of demonstrators, however; at the end of this quarter, I will be leaving SU! 
I'm reinvesting in my other hobbies and artwork. I have truly missed getting into my other artwork, and just no longer wanted to restrict myself (and this blog) primarily to one company and One product line.
Please continue to follow my blog, I'm sure you will recognize some of SU in my artwork, and PLEASE DON'T RESTRICT YOURSELVES AS ARTISTS! Branch out and explore your inner artist! Never stop exploring other media, and try something new. With all the tools you have in your studio or craft space, you will be amazed how you can use what you already have to work outside the box!!!
Keep crafting and Keep Exploring.
Marty (the Crafty lil Minx)

 Using soft and hard Polymer clay,a few rubber stamps, and a gel mold, I worked a cheap vase into a piece of art. I'm still experimenting with the different clays, but I'm getting a pretty good feel for it.

Took a smaller corked bottle, used the same motif, but you can see the hair on the fairy is a little different.  I am having so much fun getting back to my artwork!

3-D Polymer clay project.

Using some of my rubber stamps, and playing around with Sculpy clay, I turned some ordinary things into little works of art.  AWWWW, my new love